Board of Directors

Mr A Danso (Dr)– MBchB Chairman
This Board is ably led by an astute, well respected Urologist with over 28 years in private practice in the medical profession. He was appointed Chairman from inception (8 years) having been a non-executive director of Intermarket Stockbrokers for 5 years. He is also Chairman of Ashanti Goldfields Zimbabwe. He also sits on many other Boards.  .

BV Mancama – BSc (Hons) Economics Non Executive Director
He is an exceptional leader in the private sector with over 30 years experience as an Executive Director of the Anglo American Group of companies in the region and has since retired. He was also Chairman of Cotton Company of Zimbabwe and a Director of the Institute of Directors (IOD). He is a current Director of National Tyre Services (NTS), and Eagle Insurance. He is also former Chairman of Africom. He therefore brings a wealth of invaluable experience to the board..

GS Mhlanga – BSc (Physics) MSc (Cryogenic Engineering) MBA Managing Director
The founder director of the company is a former long serving Chairman of the ZSE and first Chairman of SADC exchanges as well as Chairman of Africa Stock Exchanges Association (ASEA) and former Chairman of POSB. He was also a former IOD (Institute of Directors) Director of the Year panel of Judges, FinGaz/CBZ Top Companies Survey Awards Chairman of panel of Judges, ZSE/Zimpapers Awards panel of Judges and past Chairman CZI Panel of Judges for Company and Exporter of the year.  He also, until recently sat on the ZSE Interim Board as well as the Listing and ICT Sub Committees of the ZSE. He is also a former Board member of the Catering Industry Pension Fund and currently serves on the Board of Eagle Insurance.

Courage Murandu (46) MBA (University of Zimbabwe) Executive Director
Courage Murandu is an experienced banker for over 14 years. He joined the industry in 2006 and worked through the ranks. He is an MBA graduate of the University of Zimbabwe, and holds a Post Graduate Diploma for Management Executives from the same institution. He was appointed to the role of Executive Director at the beginning of 2013 from his previous position of General Manager which he held since early 2012.