IT Systems and Communications

The IT systems constitute the cornerstone of retail securities broking. It has three distinct platforms:-

Trading and client maintenance platform
Retail trading platform for processing orders and brokers notes. The company uses a Windows based Equities Trading System (ETS) which is fully integrated and supported locally.

Scrip administration
The Scrip Administration Platform is hooked onto the main ETS and it uniquely integrates trading and scrip processing. This system is local area networked via a central server hub. It currently services up to 15 networked computers.

Accounting and Administration
Traditional commercial software has been employed (Pastel Sage and Belina).These are work station based systems for financial and management accounting data processing for the business applications. The Pastel accounting package is directly connected to the ETS system back to back. These packages are fully supported locally by independent vendors. External internet and email access is facilitated by a direct ADSL facility complimented by a wireless connection through a local service provider.